Trenchless technologies

About the technology

Trenchless technology allows us to deliver projects more efficiently and more environmentally friendly than ever before. With concrete-cored technology, we can upgrade old pipelines and build new communications without disrupting the asphalt surface, traffic or daily routines. This technology enables us to carry out projects under buildings, roads, motorways, railways and even rivers!

Our services


Cleaning, repair and renewal

We upgrade worn-out communications.

Constructing new lines

Water and sewage lines, electricity and telecommunications cables, gas pipelines, heat and rainwater collection systems.


We use trenchless technology in our projects. These allow us to ensure a lower impact on the environment.

No disturbance to vegetation

Our underground work doesn't cause significant damage to plants, so we preserve green spaces and parks.

Minimal noise and dust levels

Because our work takes place underground, we don't create a lot of noise or dust that would disturb residents or nature.

Preserving natural diversity

Working underground, we don't destroy animal habitats.

Technical park

We are proud to have the most modern fleet of equipment in Lithuania, including the PD 45/19 drilling machine with a pulling force of 450 KN, a torque of 19,000 NM, and a 205KW CAT C7.1EU Stage V internal combustion engine, which complies with the highest ecological standards. Bentonite pump up to 1000 l/min! The drill has a 460 m of drill rods!

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