Why would a utility company need divers?

Klaipėda, Lietuva

Klaipėda is a city known for its seaport and vibrant community, but like many cities it faces infrastructure challenges such as surface water management. During the rainy season, this problem poses a risk to residents, disrupts traffic, and poorly designed wastewater systems can lead to the release of pollutants into ground and surface waters, damaging local ecosystems and water quality.

The project included the installation of a new, modern wastewater system, including a discharge outfall into the River Danė, which required the work of divers to drill underwater. Another challenging activity was the installation of a water intake chamber in the Mill pond, where the water level was reduced to a minimum, thus allowing the pond ecosystem to be preserved. These actions demonstrated our ability to strike a balance between technological progress and nature conservation.

Thanks to this project, surface water management in Klaipėda has become more efficient and reliable. The city's residents and visitors can enjoy a cleaner environment and safer streets, even on extremely rainy days.

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